Complete National Cedar Beehive with Buckfast Honey Bees (£100 Deposit)

  • £100.00

order now for April \ May Delivery 2020 call for details 

Complete National Cedar Beehive With Bees(DEPOSIT)

Total cost £520

We have Somerset honey bees for sale in a brand new national beehive, perfect for those just starting out or those looking to expand.

This package will consist of 6 frames of honey bees, containing brood in all stages, stores and a healthy marked laying queen. The bees for sale in this national hive will be buckfast or our own mixed breed.

In addition to the honey bees you will also get a brand new national beehive consisting of:

4″ Roof
2 X Supers with SN4 Frames & Foundation 
Brood Body with 11 DN4 Frames & Foundation
Open Mesh Floor with Entrance Block
Queen Excluder
Crown Board with Central Feed Hole

This amazing package is available for collection from: 

BS49 5HE 

If you would like to arrange delivery, at an additional 

send us an email

This package costs £520 with only a £100 deposit upfront and the remaining £420 upon collection or via bank transfer. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

Order now and we will contact you to arrange Collection May /June depends on weather 

Buy now to start out on this incredible journey of becoming a beekeeper!